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Draught Lager & Cider

Draught lagers and ciders make up a large proportion of alcohol sales at our events

Ultimately draught lager and cider still make up the largest proportion of our bar sales so it's vital to get this offering right. We are continually monitoring and reassessing industry developments in alcohol dispense methods to find the most appropriate method to deliver a perfect pint while minimising waiting times at the bar. We can use standard installs with front bar fonts, fast pour taps, beer tankers, banks of MDUs (Multi Dispense Units) or simple fast can bars depending on what works best for the event.

Over the last few years we have stocked many premium lagers including Amstel, Becks, Meantime, Camden, Four Pure, OranjeBoom, Heineken, Freedom Organic, San Miguel & Asahi. Regular draught ciders include Orchard Pig, Stowford Press, Symonds Founders Reserve, Thatchers & Aspalls. Our selections for each event are based on taste, customer demographics, cost, appropriate abv levels and supplier options.

From time to time we also create event specific lagers with our brewery partners. The most notable was 'Badgers Brew' a dark hoppy lager brewed for the Playgroup Festival back in 2012, very similar to some of the popular craft beers currently being produced today.

The Really Good Bar Company also supports local cider producers, so we often stock a selection of local ciders on the back bars. Not only do we get great cider that complements the draught brands but it helps support local business and reduce food miles.

Draught Lager & Cider Bars

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