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Large Events

We provide logistics & production support to larger events and bar companies

The Really Good Bar Company is often employed to help with large scale bar related production, usually directly working for the event or one of the larger bar companies. The experience we have gained managing our own bar operations can be applied to many different festival production situations and this has enabled us to work on a wide range of festival sites over the years with some amazing event teams.

We can work as part of your bar team on a specific project, such as design and build of a venue bar, set-up up a craft beer install or an ale festival. But the last few years we have also been assisting in senior event management roles to help run the bars at large events. This was been enjoyable for us as we have worked in many different situations with different goals and delivery methods to our normal bar operations.

Since 2011 we have provided logistics support to Glastonbury Festival helping to manage parts of the wholesale distribution. This was a steep learning curve due to the vast size of the site, multiple terrains and management of volume sales and early morning delivery drops. But by pushing ourselves to fill these types of demands, combined with a great team, it has made us realise that we can assist large events in many ways outside our normal scope of bar operations.

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