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Responsible Drinking

The Really Good Bar Company takes its responsibilities to customers, staff, clients and the environment very seriously.

We believe in running fun, friendly, safe bar environments and implement a number of policies and systems to ensure our aims are met. Our staff and crew are experienced individuals who are all experienced in implementing the current licensing laws and objectives on a regular basis. As well as that they are sensible, caring individuals who appreciate the importance of these objectives in general and the company's Responsible Drinking Policy in particular.

All staff, however experienced, will be fully briefed on the licensing objectives in general and the event details in particular before they arrive on site via their training manual and event brief and in their on-site briefing session.

Bar managers receive more extensive pre and on-site training as well as a more in-depth event manual. The managers manual includes details of emergency procedures, radio channels, other departments and licensing conditions all aimed at ensuring a smooth running, safe event. All Bar Managers will be in full radio communication with Event Control, Security and Senior Event and Bars management at all times.

Bar staff will be expected to adhere to a responsible drinking policy and to uphold the licensing objectives by:

  • Not serving alcohol to anyone who is, or appears to be, intoxicated

  • Asking for proof of ID for anyone who appears to be under the age of 21/25 (depending on which policy is in place for this particular event)

  • Observing all licensing laws and adhering to any conditions laid out in the event license for the event in question

  • Giving customers free drinking water when required and/or asked for

  • Asking for Manager assistance if they have any customer concerns at any point

  • Never running irresponsible drink promotions at any of our bars

  • Making sure that bar menus with abvs are fully visible at all times to ensure customer awareness

Responsible Drinking