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Running a bar at a festival or outdoor event of any size requires careful planning and consideration

We have had over 15 years experience dealing with local authorities across the country. Ideally we will work with your event management team from the outset offering advice on site planning, logistics and your EMP to ensure that we can present a cohesive, logical and sensible plan to the powers that be. This in turn will help ensure that any conditions imposed by the authorities are practical, viable and simple to implement.

We can act as DPS on a Premises license where required or put in the necessary applications for TENs when they are the appropriate format for your bar(s). In the case of a new, or amended, premises license application we can offer advice and support during the application process and attend SAG and local authority meetings and hearings where required as well as acting as a liaison point as DPS.

Having the right licenses for your event and ensuring that your event is compliant when they are in place is critical to the success and sustainability of your event. It is an area that can often seem daunting but by involving us in the early stages we can make sure that the process is managed smoothly and results in a straightforward outcome to the benefit of all involved.

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